Conservatory Designs

Conservatory Designs
Conservatory Designs

The Term Conservatory is an English (UK & Ireland) synonym of the word Sunroom. So before I start talking about this client confusing all you Canadian folks, with my Irish vernacular. I thought I would just get that one out of the way.

This is a relaunch and slight redesign, the main aim of this update was to add markup, and some new SEO focuses for 2015. From time to time a new theme and a spring clean of sorts can really help, we focused on the following elements in detail;

  1. Speed and SEO Compliance
  2. Adding for images, videos, maps, H1 tags and breadcrumbs
  3. The overall site architecture was redeveloped to match the breadcrumbs
  4. We are still in the process of cleaning the sites blog posts, adding images and generally cleaning up the text content
  5. Monitoring the traffic and SEO rankings

checkout the site and watch this space for more info.

Conservatory Designs

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