Fashion Photography SEO

Fashion Photography SEO

Today I am going to talk about a small but very powerful WordPress site I manage for Alex Hutchinson, an Irish Fashion Photographer. This is the third or fourth refocus of the site over the past 5 years and I have blogged extensively on documenting the success of the SEO and the overall UI changes.

The site is a technically tiny at 3 pages and with less than 1,000 words of text for the entire site. Technically this is an SEOs nightmare scenario no search readable text, massive images, slow load times, the list is extensive. All this aside the site continues to dominate for the following terms;

  • Alex Hutchinson (#1
  • Fashion Photographer (#2, Wikipedia has the top spot)
  • Fashion Photographer Dublin (#1
  • Fashion Photographer Ireland (#1

This is one of the smallest updates I have ever made to the site, but I know the latest WordPress update meant some users had to tweak themes and bugs were a plenty. That being said I always am in awe of how quickly the WP community kicks into gear, I never see a WP update cause a site more than an hours worth of issues. When you consider how extensively this site and WordPress has changed in the past 5 years I think it speaks volumes to how robust and SEO friendly the platform is.

Checkout Alex’s site and browse some of his stunning photography, house quite nicely if I do say so myself in this hyper SEO friendly website.

Dublin Fashion Photographer

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