Haig Club & Haig Whisky

Haig Whisky
Haig Club & Haig Whisky

Haig Whisky.com was initially launched as a Haig Whisky Fan Site in 2009 by Irish & Scottish Whisky aficionado and Whisk(e)y writer Stuart McNamara. The site and design have been completely revamped for 2015. The new design here was courtesy of Elena Montes and this was a big project for all us at WPdeveloper.ie and there are a host of nice integrations and automatons on this site.

This is a WordPress site with custom integration to link with a variety of affiliate retailers, while giving some expert advice on each bottle and price range. This online Whisky shop lists the Older Haig Gold Label, Haig Pinch, Haig Dimple and the newly launched Haig Club endorsed by David Beckham.

Stuart has his own Pooka ratings scale adding a level of critique, which is a great benefit to SEO and overall sales. The site is getting great traffic and SEO is page one for all terms and risining. More to come on this and some more Irish Whiskey specific sites we are working on.

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