Irish Whiskey, Make Mine a Double!

Irish Whiskey
Irish Whiskey, Make Mine a Double!

Recently I took over the SEO strategy and the overall affiliate marketing strategy and execution of a Haig Whisky exact match domain. The domain is owned by a long time Whisk(e)y journalist Stuart McNamara. An Irish man who is arguably one of the most educated Whiskey journalists on the planet.

The Haig Whisky site is doing great from an SEO point of view, and competing with some pretty large online retailers. The next in the line of these websites is a You might be wondering about Whiskey vs Whisky, basically the ‘e’ means it is Irish and the lack of it means it is not. You can read heaps of info on both the Haig Whisky and the Irish Whiskey sites.

I am planning a bigger series of posts around the technology and integration with the other affiliates as well as a short guide to affiliate marketing for niche high value spirits with a focus on Whisk(e)y. Checkout the Irish Whiskey site, assuming you are of legal drinking age that is…

Irish Whiskey

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