Lifestyle Developments

Lifestyle Developments

Happy to report this is my first Canadian end-to-end project. This was a legacy site hosted with Vista Print of all people. Without bashing the good folks at Vista Print too much as they are great for low cost flyers and printed materials. They are 100% not the place you want to host or build your corporate website.

Phase one of this site was you guessed it finding some nice local (Canadian) hosting. I choose a MTL data center and this was the start the process.

The brands logo, colour scheme and art direction were totally re-imagined by Elena Montes and this is what I term a total redesign and Elena as always does an excellent job. Just a reminder if you are new to my warblings, Elena, Rob Ryan & myself make up the digital trio that is, &

Moving the site to WordPress

So 1/6 websites are now using WordPress and I am obviously super biased towards it as it rock so hard! The previous site was non responsive and constructed using a builder. Vista Print do not offer any sort of hosting other than this so this was an easy to decision to make.

Speeding up the Site’s CMS and Reducing Asset Size

All my sites a re pretty quick, obviously we all try to get sites as well greased as they can be and this was no exception. SVG imagery was used where possible, rater images are present for photos but all illustrations and served as SVG, which make them scale excellently and also there is some lower server level caching. The site is quick and a huge improvement from the previous site.

SEO Compliance

As with all my sites, this is SEO first as it should be. The site is 100% SEO compliant;

  • Well written title tags within px width guidelines
  • Concise and snappy CTAs via the description tags, again all within mobile and desktop width guidelines
  • Dynamically generating XML sitemap_index and internal sitemaps
  • Auto pining of relevant Search Engines
  • Submission and Web Master Tools connections to;
    • Google
    • Bing/Yahoo
    • Yandex
    • Baidu
  • added for;
    • Company Details
    • Site Search Links
    • Localbusiness
      • Opening times
      • Office Locations
      • Phone Numbers
      • Emails & Other Contact Details

The Finished Product

Anyway I let the work speak for itself as always, the new site is now mobile compliant, 100% responsive and 100% indexed. The new look and feel really lift it but hey enough of me and my opinion, lets see what you think click below and feel free to leave a comment if you have any feedback.

Lifestyle Developments

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