Leaving Cert MindMaps

Leaving Cert MindMaps

I think we can all related to the pain Leaving Cert students suffer when cramming for the Big Summer Quiz. Here in Ireland the Leaving Certificate is the exam that all 17-18 year olds must take in order to push on into third level education. It’s an exam you will never forget and here in Ireland it is cited as the most important exam.

A new WordPress site live today for Tammy Strickland who is selling study aides and giving some great free advice, read on to find out more.

The Leaving Cert Exam

The Leaving Cert has it’s critics and the exam in general focuses on a massive amount of information retention and recall. One thing I know from my own personal experience is that this is an exam that requires a lot of study technique. Personally I had my own strange memory aides and systems, but I wish I had something like this back in 2000 when I say my own, ahh I’m getting old 🙂

What’s a MindMap?

MindMaps are a relatively new format or flash card, designed to help a student learn & retain pretty much anything in a fraction of the regular time. The science behind them is fairly simple but they combine a great mix of media and memory aides, with a focus on key topics and relevant information.

Tammy Strickland & The new Site

Tammy Strickland is one of Ireland’s budding entrepreneurs and has just achieved a top score of 600 points in her Leaving Cert using this new technique. Just to put this in context for anyone who is not familiar with the Irish Grading system, this converts to 6+ A1 grades (91%-100%).

The new site is full WordPress with a nice little shopping cart plugin linked to PayPal, all the usual SEO is happening right now and the site will be indexing in hours. Watch this space for more info on the promotion and it happens.

Leaving Cert MindMaps