I am a web developer at my core, primarily front end, mainly in WordPress and always with a marketing goal in mind.


WordPress Development

This is the core of what I do and I am best known as a WordPress Developer. I build fast, cross platform, standards compliant, reliable and easy to update websites. If you need bespoke PHP, HTML, CSS or a full custom theme I can supply. All my development is SEO friendly and you get an expert front end and SEO all in one. If you need anything WP related click below.

SEO Letters

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

I have been an SEO for over 10 years and have worked for companies big and small in every language including Russian and Chinese. I have extensive, Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu experience. I have extensive, and AMP experience and specialise in coding for international SEO. If you need a local or international SEO plan click below.


PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising

Let me help you stop over spending and using PPC indiscriminately. My PPC practices may surprise you but it should only be used to experiment, long term PPC is a misguided strategy. Find out how to target with PPC and retain a niche with SEO all while not breaking the bank. I also specialise in adaptive landing page strategies to allow you control your PPC inventory while not interfering with your organic SEO and overall content strategy.

WordPress Developer

WordPress Maintenance

If you need a site maintained or monitored for a year or during a 24 hour period I can help. I specialise in stable WordPress setups that can cope with high spikes in traffic from good and bad sources. I have dealt with every imaginable WordPress setup and use case and I use web site and SEO monitors to make sure your marketing is working hard 24/7.


Website Speed – CDN, Caching & More

A fast website is a multi faceted issue and requires a simple set of checks and balances that must run 365 days a year. Your site’s performance is now parallel to your business offline, hosting is no longer a simple affordable scenario. Let me help you tailor your budget to a suitable stack for hosting and a WordPress publishing setup that will help you publish to a speedy yet stable site.


Hack Repairs & Malware Defence

Websites get hacked, it sucks but it is a fact of life. When you are running a common CMS or OS you are always a target. The more popular your platform the more cash on the table for a hacker. These days cure is better than prevention, assuming you will never get hacked is just foolish. Backups, monitors and plans are the way to adapt to anything. A website can be recovered in seconds if correctly built and monitored.